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Cereal has always been a part of my diet.  It's cheap and easy and I can eat it at any time of day.

Back when I was a kid, the best were Count Chocula, BooBerry, and FrankenBerry.  One of those last two was always rare where I lived, so it was always a nice treat.

Now that I'm a little more conscientious about my teeth any variety of Chex will do (or similar type).

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Frosted Krispies or Nabisco Shredded Wheat

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Frosted Flakes with banana on top

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Adianne wrote:

Frosted Flakes with banana on top

this or Raisin Bran

Where I used to work there was a guy who's nickname was Frankenberry.  Someone had relatives back east where you could buy it, so we had them ship a box out west to us.

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I generally do Life or something similar nowadays, but if I'm picking an all-time favorite, it's got to be Fruity Pebbles.

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I like Raisin Bran.  My favorite kids cereal was Lucky Charms.

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My favourite kids cereal was Ricicles (sp) ready sugared Rice Crispies, I'd try and shove as many spoonfuls into one mouthfull then crunch smile

Nowadays its Muesli.................................

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Dorset Cereals. A simple muesli mix.