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I like Carrots and Green Beans.

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I want to say tomato but some people say its a fruit.  Is that because it has seeds inside?

So I'll go with peas, carrots and spinnach.  And I'll take corn on the cob any day over canned or frozen.

Edit: that graphic above just had to say Yam!  That's on my list also!

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Corn, potatoes, and yams.

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I like spinach cooked.  I liked broccoli cooked.  I like mixed veggies (peas, carrots, beans, corn).  I like taters.  I like celery in stew and soups.  I like green beans, corn, lettuce.


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Carrots & corn


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I don't do green stuff !! But I do like corn.

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Corn, beans, peas, asparagas, beets, brussel sprouts... yummm, young tender ones steamed with lemon and butter! Broccoli, califlower, zuchinni.... raw, in bread, deep fried... drools. Spinich, cooked in a wok with bean sprouts and garlic, in salad, all kinds of lettuce

I am hungry now.

I hate carrots. Raw, cooked, doesn't matter, hate em. and Cabbage of any sort.

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I'll pass you the Beets if you pass me the carrots.

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Healthy - Steamed fresh green beans or asparagus
Non-Health - Broccoli in a cheese casserole

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There is really not veggie that I wouldn't eat. I love grilled red peppers, onions and mushrooms with light olive oil.