Topic: Another great has passed.

Anne McCaffrey has passed.    Her books were very good for when I was reading them in High school.   She brought a lot to the table as a fiction/fantasy writer mixing science fiction with fantasy.

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Re: Another great has passed.

Sorry to hear that.  Wanda and I have read many of her books.

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Re: Another great has passed.

Wow, this is sad news. Her books actually got me to begin reading as a teen and I passed that love along to my daughters thru her books.

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Re: Another great has passed.

Although I was very cynical of her Disney style, ( ( Dragon versus Dragon , gasp horror!) I did read all the books out 25 years ago. Thread was a very intriguing idea. Not all to my taste, but my daughter has just finished reading a bunch of them and loved them. She was a good writer with good ideas and will be missed.

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Re: Another great has passed.

Love that woman.  Her books got me through some tough times in my pre-teens and teens.  I could just dive into a book and get the hell out of my life for a few hours.  R.I.P.

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