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Guardian Fighter Spec.

This spec is a blend of two specs I found on the boards.  After doodling it out on paper a bit, the powers I chose fit better with a one set of Feats than another, so here it is.

This build is about damage.  Its set up to give a Guardian Fighter maximum damage output while maintaining some group viability for PvE.  As I go through the build I’ll explain what each selection is for and why.


Half Orc - Most Strength with good Hit Points
Dwarf - Most Hitpoints with good Strength
Human - Gimp
Anything Else - Not even worthy of the word Gimp

In that order.  Why?  Hit points and Strength.  No other reason.

Attribute Points

Put them all in Constitution and Strength.  Constitution is your hit points, Strength is for hitting hard and blocking.  Nuff said.

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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec


I’m going to break these down by type to save space.

At – Will Powers (Green border)

These powers are bound to your Left and Right Mouse keys and can be used any time with no cooldown.

Cleave – Your main At-Will power.  Keep it bound to the left mouse key.  Max it 3/3.

Tide of Iron – Great At-Will power for PvE to keep your Block Meter full and weaken enemies.  You won’t use it in PvP, but it’s great for PvE.  In PvE it’s your right mouse key power.  Max it 3/3.

Threatening Rush – Your toon will charge across short distances and hit the target with your shield damaging the target and Marking it and those around it (Marking a Target allows you to do extra damage to it).  This is your right mouse key power in PvP.  Max it 3/3.


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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec

Encounter Powers (Red border)

These powers are bound to your “Q”, “E” and “R” keys and have a cool down associated with them.  They do big damage and usually have secondary effects.  Important to note there is no Global Cool Down in this game.

Lunging Strike – Your main Encounter Power.  Allows you to charge across the map and hit things very hard.  Bind it to your “Q” key and use it in PvE and PvP.  Max it 3/3.

Enforced Threat – An AoE taunt that does damage to all of the taunted targets and it gives your Guard a bonus of 15%.  No good in PvP but a great and necessary GROUP PvE power.  Bind it to your “E” key for GROUP PvE.  Max it 3/3.

Griffin’s Wrath – A hugely damaging overhand blow that briefly stuns a target.  Maxed it has three charges (swings).  This will almost always one shot minions in PvE.  Not great for PvP, but it will do until you pick up something better.  In PvE bind it to your “R” key and use it on every cool down.  Max it 3/3.

Knee Breaker – A swift kick in the knee that debuffs your target’s run speed.  Useless in PvE.  Situational in PvP.  If you have a lot of Rogues around, bind it to your “R” key in PvP.  I have it maxed but I might respec and only put one point in it.  Each tier of the power only adds 1 second to the speed debuff so it might not be worth three points.  Since its situational I’m not too worried though.  Better choices exist down the road but you might have to dump points into it to open the tier path to those better choices.  PvP only power.  If you’re going to use it put it on the “R” key.  Get it and figure out how many points to spend on it later. 

Knights Challenge – You challenge a target locking them into 1 v 1 combat with you where you both do double damage to each other.  Kind of meh in PvE since the threat mechanism in the game is broken, but it’s a kind of taunt.  I’ve never used it in PvE because I’m not inviting any boss to hit me twice as hard.  In PvP this is a VERY situational power.  I put it on my “R” key if and only if the other team is running more than one Cleric.  Here is why.  Most Clerics aren’t set up to do damage, so them doing double damage to me isn’t scary.  However if I pop the right Daily Power and have all my encounter powers up, I’ll two or three shot one of the Clerics and kill them before the other Cleric can heal them up.  I’ve got two points in it, but one point is enough.  Higher levels just add 2 seconds per level to the buff and you can get your business done during the baseline time if you get everything lined up.

Frontline Surge – This is a cone attack that damages all enemies in the cone and knocks them Prone.  It has some range and it interrupts anyone doing anything in the path of it.  It’s great.  It’s GREAT.  IT’S GREAT!  Its DAoC shield slam on steroids.  Everything in front of you winds up face down and crying for mercy.  Bind it to your “E” key for SOLO PvE and especially PvP.  No one can hit you, defend against you, kite you or get heals when they’re on their face and their healer is lying there next to them.  You can literally flatten their whole team for GANGBANG BUTTSECKS!  Great for peeling enemies off of your healers too.  Max it 3/3.

Into the Fray – A temporary buff to the Action Point generation and Run Speed of your toon.  It also gives every party member a portion of their hit points as temporary hit points and refreshes your Guard meter.  I use this once in a while in GROUP PvE.  It can also help in PvP, but I’d only put it on my “R” key if I’m in a group with another Guardian Fighter who is going to do all the knocking down for me.  Then it might be nice as an “escape” kind of power for my squishies.  I’ve got two points in it.  Others will tell you to max it.  It’s worth a take, but I’m not sure how many points to put in it.  To be continued.

Bull Charge – You charge at your foe and slam into them damaging them and knocking them back and Prone.  It’s a single target power, but a great, great, great PvP power.  Bind it to your “R” key.  Does huge damage and punts the enemy into the air.  When they land they’re face down and in perfect position for you to BUTTSECKS them to death.  Use it to set up the groups focus fire target or peel that pesky tank off of your healer by booting him right off the platform you’re fighting on.  Your enemies will fear you and your Clerics will worship you.  Each point adds 10% damage and 10 feet of knock back, so max it 3/3.


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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec

Daily Powers (Orange/Gold border)

These are hugely powerful abilities that require you to build up Action Points to use.  In the middle of your Tool Bar is a big diamond.  That diamond is your Action Points meter.  When it’s full it starts to glow and your Daily Powers become available.  These powers are bound to your “1” and “2” keys.  The faster you can build Action Points to fill the meter, the more you can use these Daily Powers.

Villains Menace – You smash the ground damaging nearby enemies and throwing yourself into frenzy.  During your frenzy you do increased damage with all powers and are immune to crowd control effects.  Great for PvE and PvP.  Get it and bind it to your “1” key and leave it there forever.  For between 10 and 15 seconds your GF is a giant wrecking ball of death and no one can get away or stop you.  It’s the closest you’ll get to God Mode in the game.  Max it 3/3. 

Fighters Recovery – You give a great battle cry that steadies you and you are receive healing equal to 40% of the damage you deal.  Not good for PvP but a must for PvE.  Sometimes you just have to heal yourself and this power lets you do it.  Bind it to your “2” key for SOLO PvE.  Leave it there for GROUP PvE with a crappy healer.  Maxing this power takes the healing you receive up to 80% of the damage you deal so max it 3/3.

Terrifying Impact – You slam the ground damaging your enemies and Stunning them.  Not a bad for PvP.  Never used it in PvE.  The cone is narrow and it can be hard to land on targets that are close to you, but it’s got a long reach and sometimes you can use it to surprise those healers and casters that think they’re out of range.  When you use it, bind it to your “2” key.  Max it 3/3.

Supremacy of Steel – You ready yourself to lash out and deal part of the damage you’ve received to your target.  It’s a bit tricky and one I haven’t figured out exactly how to use yet.  When it works in PvE I can one shot a pile of minions but I haven’t figured out just how to use it in PvP yet.  I’ve seen enough tankers swear by it to invest in it and I had the points to spare so I got it.  In fact with my build you’ll need to use points somewhere on this tier to reach the next tier.  Although it seems situational this isn’t a bad investment so far and if you use it bind it to your “2” key.  It’s AoE and maxing it raises the damage and the duration of the power so Max it 3/3.

Indomitable Strength – You hit your target with a rain of blows knocking them up into the air and then away from you where they land Prone on the ground.  It does absolutely HUGE damage and it’s another power that knocks an enemy on its face where you can BUTTSECKS it to death.  Max it 3/3.


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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec

Class Powers (Yellow border)

These are Passive Power that you put up on your quickbar to activate.  Once they’re on the quick bar they’re always on.  No muss no fuss.

Shield Talent – Increases your Guard.  Good for PvE where mobs don’t run around you trying to get behind your shield cone.  Fully specced it gives you a 15% bonus to Guard so Max it 3/3.

Enhanced Mark – This enhances your Mark (Tab) power by increasing the Threat you’re generating with the Marked mob.  I’ll talk more about the Mark ability in a bit, but you’ll need this to maintain agro in GROUP PvE, so get it.  It’s useless in PvP.  Maxed your generating almost double the threat when you hit the Marked mob so Max it at 3/3.

Combat Superiority – For 5 seconds you deal 10% more damage to an enemy that just hit you.  This is nice, but it becomes FANTASTIC when you spec the right Feats (more to come on that).  Decent for maintaining agro in PvE but essential in PvP.  Each level adds 5 seconds to the buff so for 15 seconds of 10% extra damage you must max it at 3/3.

Ferocious Reaction – When you’re below 15% health and someone hits you, you regain 10% of your hit points and the foe that hit you takes that same number in damage.  Oh, my stars and garters is this great!  A great PvP passive.  I’ve got almost 40,000 Hit Points so when someone hits me and I’m less than 15% hit points, I get 4K hit points back and they get hit for 4K?  Gimme gimme gimme!  Initially this power can only go off once every 5 minutes, but if you max it you get it every 3 minutes.  The average PvP fight lasts about 15 to 20 minutes so that’s 5 to 7 procs per match.  Max it 3/3.


That’s all for the powers.  Next post will be on the Feats.

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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec


Feats are basically passive buffs to your toon.  Co-joined with your powers, they make your toon whole.

Heroic Feats

These are Baseline Feats you must take to 20 points in to get to the specialized feats.

Strength of Focus – Buffs your strength by 15%.  More strength = more damage and more blocking.  Everybody wins.  3/3

Toughness – 9% more Hit Points.  What tank doesn’t want more Hit Points?  3/3.

Shielded Resurgence – You gain 4% of your maximum hit points in temporary hit points when effected by a crowd control ability.  Again, more Hit Points please!  3/3

Armor Specialization – Increases armor and armor class by 15%.  Think DAoC resists.  Resists = Hit Points.  Yes, please.  3/3.

Powerful Attack – Your At – Will powers do 10% more damage.  Spam those mouse buttons for more damage.

Weapon Mastery – 3% more Critical Hit chance.  Not great, but it fits to get you through this portion of the Feats with exactly 20 points so you can put them other places.

Conqueror Line

The most PvP related line available.

Improved Vigor – Gain 10% more action points while less than 50% health?  Sure!  Lets me shoot off those Daily Powers more often.  5/5.

Take Measure – When critically hit you regain 5% of your Hit Points as Temporary Hit Points (50 second cool down).  Live Longer, Hit Longer.  5/5.

Wrathful Warrior – While your toon has Temporary Hit Points (every 50 seconds or so thanks to Take Measure) your toon does 15% more damage.  Wait, I get crit hit, gain back hit points AND I get a DPS spike to boot?  Sign me up!  5/5.

Cruel Cut Style – Cleave does 15% MORE damage!  Spam the left mouse key 4TW!  5/5.

Tactical Superiority – Combat Superiority now does 5% more damage AND you are no longer required to get hit before Combat Superiority kicks in.  So if any of you bad guys touch me, I can hit any one of you EVEN HARDER THAN BEFORE!  5/5.

Reckless Attacker – Your Power is multiplied by your block meter percentage.  So when your block meter is at 100%, your Power is effectively doubled.  That means your Power just went from 4000 to 8000 when you’re just standing around.  It’s official.  You’re now walking death. 1/1.

Tactician Line – Because you’ve got 5 points left.

Fight On – A 10% reduction on the cool downs of all your Encounter (Red) Powers.  That just means you hit harder and can knock your enemies down more often FOR MORE BUTTSECKS FUN!

That’s all for Feats.  Next post will be about Quickbar setups.

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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec

Quick Bar Setups

These are the powers I'll have up for different situations.

Solo PvE - It's about survivability


Shield Talent - 15% more Guard
Enhanced Mark - More threat

Encounter Powers

Lunging Strike - Charge into the fray
Frontline Surge - Knock them down
Griffin's Wrath - Clunk them on the head while they try to get up.

Daily Powers

Villain's Menace - Double damage
Fighter's Recovery - Self heals to go with potions and heal pets means almost no down time.

At - Will

Cleave - Basic attack that does a lot of damage.
Tide of Iron - Recharge that Guard Meter.

Group PvE - Generating Agro through Pain


Shield Talent - 15% more Guard Meter and 15% more power which equals more Pain
Enhanced Mark - More threat.

Encounter Powers

Lunging Strike - You're first into the fray.
Enforced Threat - You scream at all the mobs to make them focus on you.
Into the Fray - Buff your team's damage by giving them action points.

Daily Powers

Villain's Menace - Double damage = more agro
Supremacy of Steel - More damage = more agro.

At - Will

Cleave - Main attack with damage
Tide of Iron - More Guard Meter please.



Combat Superiority - Here come da BUTTSECKS!
Ferocious Reaction - And some more BUTTSECKS!

Encounter Powers

Lunging Strike - KAPOW!  BUTTSECKS!
Bull Rush - Bye bye, birdie!  ITS BUTTSECKS TIME!

If the other party has two clerics consider using this in your "R" slot.

Knights Challenge - What's this?  WHY IT'S DOUBLE BUTTSECKS FOR YOU, MR. CLERIC!

If there is another Guardian Fighter in the group talk to them and consider using one of these two in your "R" slot

Knee Breaker - To peel the Rogues and Great Weapon Fighters pursuing your squishies.
Into the Fray - For squishy escapability.

Daily Powers

Villain's Menace - CC immunity is too good to ever give up.  NO ONE CAN ESCAPE TEH BUTTSECKS!

Then you have a choice

Indomitable Strength - Huge single target damage AND MAKES THEM ASSUME BUTTSECKS RECEIVING POSITION!
Terrifying Impact - Cone, long distance knock downs FOR MASS BUTTSECKS RECEIVING POSITION!
Supremacy of Steel - Surprise, big damage BUTTSECKS, Mr. Rogue!

At - Will

Cleave - BUTTSECKS AT IT'S BEST because you don't know is every successive hit does more and more damage!

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Re: The Guardian Fighter Buttsecks Spec

Your left "Shift" key raises your guard.  You can still attack when your guard is up using your left mouse key to poke with your sword and your right mouse key to ram with your shield.  I recommend ramming with your shield because that will rebuild your block meter.  Great for keeping your guard up longer.

Finally the Tab key and what it means to you.

The Tab key Marks your target.  When you've marked a target you deal additional damage and additional threat to the target.  Good stuff in PvE.

Good luck out there.

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