Topic: Travian Resource Protection

I think this might be already known...

When considering Cranny size, do not use the value listed on your cranny.  Take that number and multiply it by .66 (or .7 if you're lazy).  That would be your true Cranny size.

To calculate the Cranny space you would need, take the greatest amount of resources you would expect to hold, then divide by .66 (or .7).

Teutons will be raiding fast and furious, so they should be considered the default.  Any numbers should be calculated as if they were the raiders.

For example:  If you wanted to protect 1000 crop, you would need Cranny space for 1515 (or 1428).  A level 10 Gaul cranny would give you 1320 (1400) space.

Don't leave any resources over your ACS (Adjusted Cranny Size) unattended.  You'll feed raiders, making them more powerful and also inviting them to constantly raid you.