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Just wanted to stop by and say hello!  Hope all are doing well.

I hit my two year anniversary in my compliance position at Wells Fargo.  I am so lucky that I can say that I have a job that I absolutely love.  I know not very many people can that and I count my blessings every day.  I have an amazing manager who pushes me and is helping my work towards my next career goal of earning my CRCM (Certified Risk Compliance Management) designation and then working my way to become a Compliance Officer.  Otherwise – still single and happy. The folks and I are planning on going to Vegas in September and then I will be going to CA in November to visit my BFF.   And oh!!!  I am letting my hair go all natural – wearing my grey/silver loud and proud! 

Lucas completed his first year of teaching.  It was a crazy first year.  The school started out hybrid, then went to full distance learning and then full in-class.  The first grade students were at a disadvantage because they didn’t have a full year of kindergarten the year prior and I don’t think in-home school works for the little ones.  He had a one-year sub position as a first grade teacher here in town.  The position came open but Lucas didn't want to apply as he really has no desire being a first grade teacher.  I believe his goal is to be like Squiggy - he wants to teach 5th or 6th grade math.  Hoping over the next month he can find a teaching position close by (he does not want to teach in the cities).  My daughter Gabby has been a pharmacist for 3 years now with the Gunderson Health System in the La Crosse, Wisconsin area.  She ended up giving her notice about a month ago because she hates her job and has no ties to the communities and really no friends/family there. She will be coming back home for a few months while she studies for the Washington state exam and then she will be moving out to the Seattle/Tacoma area to be near her boyfriend (who is a Green Barret and is stationed there).  It’s going to be hard to have her so far away.  But at the same time, I know Jeremiah makes her happy and I want for her to be happy.

I am facing a new set of challenges these days.  My dad is 93 he is obsessed with the new thermostat that his electric/gas company installed.  He won’t leave it alone and it is driving my mother crazy. She calls me and is in tears because he will go from having the AC on to turning the heat on because he wants the house at 78 degrees.  Sometimes I get frustrated and I need to remind myself that I don’t have the right to get angry.  We will work through this day by day!

I hope you and your families are doing well.  Miss you oodles.

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Great to hear from you, glad you are doing so well and many. many gratz for all you have achieved, well done.

Parents!! My mother is 96 and it is a bit of a strain, she lives alone but I see her every day and do everything I can for her. No she will not move, and being of "that" generation I would have to drag her out kicking and screaming smile

Both mine are doing well, Phoebe got her Masters with distinction and has a good job she loves. Cesca got a first and again has a good job. I got them both sorted with houses, and now I want them to produce, but fat chance of that, both way too clever.......

Keep on Truckin'  ...........................

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When first met your girls they were pre-teens maybe or maybe early teens?  I can't believe that that much time has gone by.  I saw some pictures of your girls on FB (back when you were still on it) and they have grown to be such beautiful women.  You must be one proud papa!

Having a job that you love makes all the difference in the world. I hope Gabby finds a new job that she loves.  She kind of regrets not doing a 5th year (as a resident), but she applied for and was offered a job shortly after she graduated. She took that job not knowing what she is passionate about.  She wants to eventually go into teaching and join the world of academia so she will be working her way to get to that path. If Lucas is not able to find a permanent teaching position that he wants, then he is going to spend the year subbing and apply for the Jet Program.  It's been his dream to live in Japan for a few years.  He has developed a fondness for the culture I grew up in. 

In the meantime, I have my cats and dogs to keep me company.

"If old acquaintances be forgot, give them a call and remember" ~ unknown

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