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It's no secret, I loves me some tanks!  And thank goodness that Warhammer is full of them.  I've played almost every tank class in the game and I've put together a little guide on how to use the tank classes in Warhammer RvR.  I'll go into specific tank types later, but this first post is just general stuff that applies to tank play across the board.

Speaking of board, I continue to advocate the sword and board layout, although in Warhammer you have access to both all the time.  So far the studies have shown that through tier 3 sword and board does as much damage over time as two handed weapons.  They just don't look as cool or intimidating.  Your milage may vary, but I find that, barring actual tested results, sword and board gives my tanks a flexibility that two handed weapons don't give.  With that as preamble, on with the show.

1. Hold the Line! - Every tank in the game gets this ability.  It is a wonderful gem of an ability.  It acts like a channelled ability, meaning you hit the button and it continues in use until you break the channel by turning it off or using another action.  It requires the tank use a shield and then with the shield equipped the tank can hit this ability and block all kinds of things flying at it, including melee and ranged attacks, with its shield as long as the action points hold out or you don't break the channel.  Three other features make this indispensible.  First you can use it while you're running at a target and second it also protects your group mates who are behind you.  Finally, in a fantastic step of uberness, it stacks with the same ability when other tanks in your group are using it too, so if you have two tanks you have two Hold the Line buffs to the whole group and so on.  Basically it's a shield wall.  Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Use this on two occassions.  First you are charging a bunch of ranged attackers.  Don't worry about the drain on action points because they regenerate quickly and you can pop a potion if you're desparate.  Just get in range.  This allows your buddies to get into range with some cover as well and they'll pick up the damage side once you've gotten them close.  Second use it if the person you are guarding is under heavy attack.  Turn it on and get between the attackers and your friend.  You'll block a lot of attacks this way.

2. Taunt - Every tank has this ability too.  In PvE it makes your target put you at the top of the agro list, but in PvP it cause you to do more damage to your target.  So close in on that target and holla at them as you charge.

3. Snare - Every tank has a strike that slows the target by at least 40% and sometimes those snares will stack with other snares.  As soon as you engage in melee range, snare should be the first move.  Don't waste all that effort getting into range by letting them kite you.

4. Bleed you stinker! - Every tank has a DoT kind of move and in some cases more than one.   As soon as you snare, get the bleed started with your DoTs.  Keep reapplying before it drops.  These DoTs are like damage adds for your melee weapon and help you drop a target faster.

5. Build to the kill - All tanks have at least one ability that either buffs their strength or buffs their damage which is essentially the same thing.  Apply this after you get the bleed started if it's a strength buff.  Apply it BEFORE you get the bleed started if if is a damage buff.

6. Gimp 'em! - All tanks have an ability that debuffs the target, be it an aura or an actual melee move.  Use it.

7. Chop chop chop - Once all that is done find your highest damage per lowest Action Point investment move and spam it until the target falls over dead.

These are the basics that any tank can use in RvR in Warhammer.  Like I said before, I'll write more about specific tank types later on, but using these tricks will help any tank in the game be better.

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Re: RvR tanking in Warhammer

Interesting so far. Have yet to play a tank so this is interesting.  Just for the record what classes are tanks in this game?

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Re: RvR tanking in Warhammer

Nurse Cindy wrote:

Interesting so far. Have yet to play a tank so this is interesting.  Just for the record what classes are tanks in this game?

As of right now the classes I'm viewing as "tank" classes are as follows:

Iron Breaker
Sword Master
Black Orc

Those are the classes that can equip a shield, so that's why I'm calling them "tanks".

You can argue that the Disciple of Khaine and the Warrior Priest can go here too, but I view them more as healing hybrids.

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Re: RvR tanking in Warhammer

I can't speak for the other tanks,but as to the Sword master.......

  I would think it depends on which mastery path you're working on.

  Path of Vaul and the path of Hoeth(SP?) would be well suited for sword and board.One is an AOE spec line and the other is a defense line.

Path of Khaine is a single target damage line(this is the path I'm working on).ATM,this line needs a fix from good old Mythic,and it may be in the next patch.

I've tried sword and board in a couple of tier 3 scenerios,and the difference between my 49 DPS 2 hander and the 32 single handed sword is very evident(starting at about level 25,I'm 27 ATM).

  If I'm trying to stop a single Destro tank from reaching the back line,I'll take my 2 handed sword,no question.The damage it does,makes that player notice me whether he wants too or not smile    I'll die faster then a sword and board tank,but it gives the squishies in the back line time to nuke the crap out of the enemy tank since he has to stop and deal with me first.

I also find that if I'm trying to kill Destro squishies,my 2 hander gets the job done in half the time as a sword and board.I still have my 40% speed debuff with a two hander and it makes squishies,easy kills(other then those nasty purple swirls from a magus).

  If its multiple tanks rushing in,all bets are off(sword and board would be better in this situation).

  It also depends on the make up of the group,and whether it's a follies group,or just a PUG.

Since Mythic has decided,you cant switch on the fly,as in DAOC,You make your choice and live with it when entering a tier battle.In ORVR,its a a whole new ball game smile

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Re: RvR tanking in Warhammer

Ohhh  Sock, nearly enough to make me resubcribe, I'll see how much time I have over the next few weeks.

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