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Personally I like Cheddar.  I've tried all kinds but in the end I always come back to good ol' Vermont Cheddar.

A close second is a cheese that I'm not even really sure is a cheese.  Velveeta Cheese!  Now that's some good cheese right there.  Makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches and you can't get better cheese for melting and pouring on just about anything.

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I'll second cheddar.  Boar's Head black was, extra-sharp cheddar.
Followed a distant second is Boar's Head creamy asiago cheese.  It is incredibly strong and goes great on a meatball sub.

(Boar's Head is a premium meat and cheese manufacturer in the Southeast)

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Probably a toss up between swiss and pepper jack.  Love me some ham & cheese, and spicy stuff.

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Re: Cheese!

A good galss of white wine, dry, loaf of sourdough anmd slices of Jack cheese.  Yummm.. Velveta, like Twinkies, is not a food product.

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Skip the cheese and head straight for the wine!

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A good goat cheese or Havarti cheese for me.

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I like a good mature Cheddar, with a glass of good red..........................

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I gotta go with an extra sharp cheddar.  Every now and then a tangy, crumbly foreign cheese will do the trick, but there's never a wrong time for a cheddar that bites.

I'll also put out there that muenster cheese sliced up and put in between some Triscuit crackers make a nice snack.

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cheese whizz

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Cheddar with french bread. Yum!


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As a man who loves his cheese and I mean I seriously love my cheese.


Hard to explain the taste, kind of a mild swiss / monteray jack combo.  And yes it is frickin awesome.


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Makes fantastic grilled cheese sandwiches!

Red Leicester

I especially like making them with Caraway spiced rye bread.