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Most of us are in some ways tech guys, geeks, or nerds.  I'm sure we all have a favorite gadget or otherwise geeky thing.

My favorite gadget is my Blackberry Storm.

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Currently a toss up between my Sony Bookreader, my Acer net book (which some of you saw) and my spycams which I planted in Justy's room....................................


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It's the only gadget I've got.  My IPhone.

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Kindle!  I have a couple hundred books now smile

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My fav gadget is currently my laptop.

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Does this qualify?

I have carried one with me for the last 20 years.  And I have never been in the boy scouts!

I use it all the time and while it is not the perfect tool for any job it does well enough for quite a few, usually much better than anything else on hand.  There are better multi-tools out there but this is the only one that I can carry in my pocket.

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