Topic: John Adams by David McCullough

I watched the series before reading the book and, I have to say, I was more fascinated with the book.  Actually, I was more disappointed at how much the HBO series changed the story to make good television rather than to fit television time constraints.

You really get to see that there's much more to one of our most important American history figures.  It's funny how much I didn't know about John Adams until I read this book, how much our history lessons seem to pass over him.  I was also surprised to learn how much Thomas Jefferson's reputation was inflated.

The author does a really great job of keeping you engaged from Adams's birth to his death.  I'm normally not big on non-fiction, but I couldn't put this down.  Highly recommended for anyone interested in the American Revolution and what came after.

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Re: John Adams by David McCullough

I have read it and while it was a good book I find McCullough to be a very dry author.   If you did like that book try his 1776 book as that was also well written.

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Re: John Adams by David McCullough

Sock gave me a great History book on Alexander Hamilton, by Chernow, very instructive of early US history.

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