Topic: Game of Thrones quins

I recently read book 5! So I have now read around 7500 pages of this story and guess what it still hasn't finished!! It basicaslly gets us to the position after 5 books we should have been at after book 2!

Arthurian Scholars have a phrase for such writers "Conte du Graal" that is more interested in the middle than the end!

I got bored and it was an effort to finish book 5.

The unending changes of major characters, the "Dallas shower" moments, the inconsistencies from volume to volume and the needless addition of 20th century mores on an essentially medieval society all make what started as a great story, a journey into hot air and obvious TV and Film rights!! It is like DUNE, the first novel is epic, but each succeeding sequel become exponentially less epic!!

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To have much knowledge , but no power.