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Well, since you're bound and determined here is the deal.

We've been around a long time (more than 8 years) and through many games.  So many we've forgotten how many actually.  But we're still around when the big guilds collapse into chaos and the reason is simple.  We're friends here.  Sure we play games over the internet, but we all know each other personally and even though we rarely see each other in the flesh, we use these boards to stay in touch with people we've become very close to.  Through the vehicle of gaming we've met each other and shared literally everything from birth to death with one another.  We laugh with each other in the good times, we lean on each other in the bad, and when we can we get together and spend a lot of time laughing and remembering and keeping each other smiling in a world that isn't always that friendly.

To be a Follie means you're committed to something more than getting something out of a game.  It means you're looking to make connections with people on a human level and to be a part of this troop of mischievous miscreants.  We don't want you to sublimate your personality.  All we want is for you to be at home and be yourself.

Some of our members play this game, some of them play that game, and some don't game at all right now, but that doesn't matter.  This is our home in the cyber world and all who are members are always welcome here.  It's our little tree fort and anyone can be invited if they have what we think it takes.

So what does it take to be a Follie?

Well first you'd better pack a robust and quirky sense of humor.  When you're a Follie you're among people that are out to have fun and that means we're very quick to see the humor in almost any situation the cyber world throws at us.

Second you get back what you put in.  If you commit to being a Follie you will be repaid by each and every one of us.  You will feel welcome if you're welcoming.  If you're nice everyone else is nice.

Third we don't tolerate racists or bigots.  We're a very diverse group here covering a lot of races, colors, creeds and religious persuasions.  While we allow discussion on all topics in our private boards, blind ignorance and stupidity will be isolated and removed.

Fourth never put game mechanics over friendship.  Sure its nice to get a bunch of pretty pixels, but that isn't the point of this community.  Fellowship is the point.  That's it really.  If you need certain things to participate in a game then you're in the wrong place.

Fifth do unto others.  We don't treat anyone, Follie or non - Follie, badly until they've earned it.  Once they've earned it then, well, we have a reputation for being wicked and we will get a very public laugh at the expense of anyone who behaves like a butthead.  The stories of our wrath are myriad, epic and almost always hilarious.  One of the worst experiences someone can have on the internet is to be in a chat group of some kind with pissed off Follies.  We've been known to destroy whole guilds and alliances when they wrong one of our own.  There are no dummies in this guild.  In fact it's quite the opposite.  You'll find this is a very educated, sharp and witty crowd.  We want everyone to share in the fun unless they prove they don't deserve to be part of it and then they become the source of the fun, especially if they're picking on the weak.

So if that is the kind of person you are and the kind of people you want to hang out with, then make a post here.  Then we'll begin what we call the inquisition.  It is a series of random questions that can be asked by any member of you.  You have to answer all of them honestly.  We can respect honesty.  We will ferret out lairs and deceivers and reject them.  Relax and let the process work.  Trust us if you have the stuff it will show quickly.

Once we've grilled you enough we'll laugh at you in the private forums and vote on your membership.  Total truth here.  If one of us doesn't want you in, you won't be admitted.  Like I've said before, we're all friends here so if one of our friends is uncomfortable then we don't let in the person who makes them uncomfortable. 

Once you're in, you're in until you choose to leave or you behave like an irredeemable butthead.  Notice I said "irredeemable".  When a Follie acts like a butthead we give them several warnings and opportunities to straighten up and fly right.  If they don't eventually they'll be tagged "irredeemable" and that means banned from these forums and basically forgotten forever.

At any rate thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  We had massive boards with Mazevo for years, but the boards are gone and right now we're kind of starting over.  Mazevo sucks, but that's beside the point.

Welcome to the Adventure and enjoy the Follies.

Son, you've got a panty on your head.


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wow and once again you hit the nail dead center on the head socky.

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Burn him he's a witch or has been turned into a newt and hasn't got better yet!

This is the bitterest pain among men,
To have much knowledge , but no power.



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Ok have your way with me wink


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Please be gentle when entering my exit


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Ohh all right, somewhere i can post..


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Khemaraa sends

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Roktt = Kor
Tanemund = Sockfoot
Cesca = Gook

Chuut and Squiggy are Chuut and Squiggy.  tongue

Have you had your derp today?


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Hey you old goat, how ya been?  Been a while since those Epic Drone boat duels we used to have, and quite a few years since I tracked you down with that phone call surprising the hell out of you at work before that old timer reunion server.


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i r noob


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Khem!!! wow so good to see you my old warrior friend. Welcome to Pom Ph'arr of the follies

This is the bitterest pain among men,
To have much knowledge , but no power.



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ahh yes, the old dogs..

Chutt.. the absolutly only person that ever held my ass off in a drone boat.. with me in a drone boat.  Only damd drone captain ever played SFC I ever considered my equal.. And he had to prove it to me.  Of couse.. being Klingon.. I was a tad bit more sneaky sitting on 6 drones for over an hour till I got the perfect shot) where apon I limped my busted up shot to hell D5D to the nearest starbase.  What a fighter!

bloody 2 hour real time fight betwixt he and I.  I won, but only because I held back one flight of drones off my launcher..  I STILL have the damd replay.. epic fights, good time!

Gook!  (grabs Batleth, case of disrupror charges, case of photon grenades,  Tosses on full body armor)  lets see where did we leave off at.. Oh yes I recall now!  (tosses two grenades and charged bat'leth in hand)




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Don't worry about Gookster.  He's too old.  Watch him play World of Tanks.  He's teh suck.  big_smile


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Squiggy wrote:

Don't worry about Gookster.  He's too old.  Watch him play World of Tanks.  He's teh suck.  big_smile

True, but still kicked ur ass wink

This is the bitterest pain among men,
To have much knowledge , but no power.