Topic: Travian Resource Development

I don't know if anyone else figured this out before...

When upgrading your resource fields, it is better to raise several low level fields than few/one high level.  For example, to raise a field from level 4 to 5, the resource-cost-per-unit-increase is 176.8.  To raise a lvl 3 to lvl 4, the cost is 166.4.

There's diminishing returns.

So if you have a choice between raising 2 smaller fields or one big field, go for the smaller fields.

(this is not considering build time)


Re: Travian Resource Development

Squiggy, your numbers are true but I disagree.
I like to keep 1 lower resource if possible and here is the reason.

Letting someone take your resources is annoying.  When I see an attack coming and I know they will get something, I quickly put my resources into building something.  Now if all your things are too high level that you can't start construction until after the attack, you're boned.

Having a lower resource allows you to almost always start to build if you see an attack incoming.

Just my 2c  smile

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