Topic: Travian Army Preservation

I read about this in a guide and thought I should share.

When you're going to be away from your computer, send your army out to raid a small/undefended village far away.  That's where that little greasemonkey travel calculator comes in handy.  If I'm going to bed, I check how many hours before I will be at my computer eating breakfast and checking email.  Normally that's between 7-10 hours.

Next, I find villages 4-5 hours away.  From those, I pick smaller inactives and non-Gaul.  Then I send out my attack, go to bed, and sleep well knowing my army will not be destroyed.

When I wake up in the morning, my army is usually just a few minutes from home.  Safe.

Now to protect high value targets like settlers...

Find a friendly Gaul (we have several) with a trapper.  Send the settler on a raid.  The settler will be trapped and unable to be killed.  Once you have the other trappers ready to go, the Gaul releases the trapped settler.