Topic: Travian Alliance Map


This little website lets you see where we are all located.  It should help to plan any transfers, reinforcements, or founding new villages.

As you can see, Sock, Ikky, and Muppet are centrally located.  Adi, Pets, and Azrof are way out in the boonies.

It would be harder to reinforce Adi, Pets, and Azrof.  Adi and Azrof probably couldn't realistically support each other.

However, since those three are farther from Origin (0,0), they should have less competition.  It is said that veteran alliances tend to register on game worlds early to get a spot close to Origin.

I haven't studied much about map placement, but in terms of mutual support, it looks like a good place to expand would be in the area near Pets.