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I've been cleaning out my bookcases and getting boxes of books ready to take to the paperback book exchange (Yes there is still a paper back book exchange within driving distance of my home).  I've read a lot of Sci Fi it seems.  So I set my mind to figuring on which was my favorite.

Dune - Something about this book is so unique.  Maybe its the world or the way Frank Herbert weaves his characters into the story, but this has always been my favorite Sci-Fi Novel.

I also liked Foundation by Issac Asimov and Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlen.

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Dune is definately in my top 5.  There is a sequel that I never got around to reading but I did find a mini-series based off it that was pretty cool.   It is the first series that I have encountered where the latter was all about undoing what the hero did in the former.  I thought that was kind of ballsy.

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I always keep coming back to Hammers Slammers and the BOLO series by Drake.  Also while this is more fantasy I really liked The Amber series by Roger Zelazny

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Dune! Hands down.

Foundation Trilogy, I so love Asimov, what a mind...............

Love the Amber series too.

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1, Dune

2. Foundation Series

3. Childhood's End

4(tie) Hammer's Slammers

4(tie) Dorsai!

5. Ringworld