Topic: David Gemmel: 'Lion of Macedon'

This was recommended to me by a cop when I was at work.  He claimed that Gemmel was the best author he'd ever read.  I don't know that I'd go that far (my fav is George R. R. Martin), but Gemmel certainly did a nice piece with this book.

It's from the perspective of a half-Spartan/ half-Macedonian boy who, by the end of the book, comes to see the birth of Alexander the Great.  There's a fair amount of mysticism in this book regarding seers and the like, but Gemmel writes in a very fluid style so that you can absorb it all along with the Greek fighting and city life.

I'm going to be picking up his 'Troy' series soon and giving that a try.

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Re: David Gemmel: 'Lion of Macedon'

Sounds good.

Not enough time...................

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