Topic: Mythos

Stephen Fry is a raconteur and actor (he was Lord Meltchet in Black Adder).

Anyhow he has much like his hero, Wilde, written a number of books all of which are very well written and usually amusing.

I digress.

He has written two books which I found both entertaining and educational.

Mythos is a retelling of the early Greek myths. It is done in any easy and amusing style, but is not dumbed down (considerably easier on the synapses than Ovid and the rest however). It starts with Ouranos (Uranus) and Gaia, proceeds through the Titans and then on to the Olympians and demi Gods and interaction with Homo Sapiens.

Heroes is exactly what the title says. It follows on from Mythos (and there is a lot of overlap). It tells of the great Heroes, Bellerophon, Perseus and of course Herakles, among others.

Both are are a thoroughly entertaining and educational read; in a light, but not condescending style, with lashings of humour and observations on the Human condition. 

I am awaiting the third book on the Trojan war with great anticipation.

This is the bitterest pain among men,
To have much knowledge , but no power.