Topic: COH Heads Up Dave and Pete and anyone else

Even if you aren't planning on playing soon, I recommend logging on each of your tunes.  Just by logging on you get the anniversary badge and 5 charges of the Experienced temporary power.  This gives a boost to Patrol XP. When this power is used, you will gain half a level of Patrol XP.


Patrol XP is a bonus 50% experience for any critter defeats. While credit remains, any XP earned by a character due to defeating critters is multiplied by 150%, the extra 50% of which is deducted from Patrol XP accumulation. When all Patrol XP has been worked off, the character's rate of earning XP will return to normal. Patrol XP is not applied to the bonus XP gained from other sources such as mission completion, Story Arc/Task Force completion or Exploration Badges.