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What is your all time favorite sandwich?

I'm torn between a good chicken parm grinder or a basic Roast Beef, swiss cheese and mustard on a hard roll.  It varies from day to day, so for today I'll pick Chicken Parmesan from Ray and Mikes Deli down the street from where I work.

Although Mike's deli makes a sausage, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni grinder that is to die for, but you can only eat about two or three of those in a lifetime without risking several strokes.

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The Big Max Burger at Grandma Max's.  2 lbs of burger, 2 lbs of everything else.  I finished it in just under an hour at the one in Grand Island, NE.

http://eatfeats.com/query.php?_table=co … mp;id=1000

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BLT on wheat using Morningstar Bacon. Yummy!


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Jason's Deli build your own.
Hot Pastrami with Provolone on an onion roll with spicy mustartd

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When I saw this subject my mind went to threesomes.    My favorite food sandwich is a reuben sandwich.

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Roast Beef and English Mustard.

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Roast beef sandwich and coleslaw

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