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Other than human or typical pet species.

I've always been intrigued by scorpions and awed by polar bears.  Justy loves her penguins.

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When I was a young kid a saw poltergeist on a day that I went to a zoo and saw a large python.  That night I had a dream that the evil possessed clown puppet had come to life and was trying to get me.  A large snake ate the puppet, saving me.  Since then, I have hated clowns and marionettes and have really liked snakes.

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Porcupines have always fascinated me.  Once I went to the Boston Science Museum and saw an albino porcupine and ever since then I've found them interesting.  I also like wolverines, otters, owls and pretty much any of the big cats.

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My favorite is the white tiger but I love any cat. I also love ferrets.


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Hard to put my finger on just one favorite.  I like meerkats, cheetahs, and spider monkeys especially.

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I Bizarre so, Pink Fairy dwarf Armadillos and 25 tentacled Starnosed Moles...................

If not the above almost anything that eats Vegetarians big_smile

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Cats, big, medium, and small.  Giraffes.  Lemurs.  Meercats.  Otters, beavers, etc.  Oh and wolves are cool too.

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