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With one of my favorites coming up, I thought this would be a good time for this one.

Though Halloween is pretty high on the list, I'd have to go with Independence Day.  It's during the summer, you get a day off for it, there's a damn good reason for the holiday, and you get to play with explosives while drinking.  How much more fun can you ask for?

Though I should mention, my favorite holiday hands down would be Oktoberfest if I lived in a country that celebrated it appropriately.

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Any one of them I am not at work or ill for ........................

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This one isn't really a "holiday" per say, but most everyone in the U.S. gets it off so it could be considered a "holiday".  I love the Friday after Thanksgiving.  You've got the day off, the refrigerator is stocked with turkey and gravy and stuffing and mashed potatoes and all kinds of other goodies to feast on, there is football on TV, no relatives around and a sofa with your name on it.  Time to strap on the ol' feed bag, tuck in the food and then settle in for a nice turkey induced coma in front of the Tube.  Absolutely love it.

Independence Day is definitely way up there, especially if it falls on a Friday so you can really get liquored up and stuffed full of good picnic food like hot dogs and roasting ears of sweet corn and watermelon.  I always associate Independence Day with home made ice cream because my Grandparents used to make it on the fourth of July every year in one of the old fashioned ice cream makers with farm fresh cream.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Plus there are explosions.  Ikky is right.  It's hard to beat explosions.

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For me Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It does not hurt that my b-day is the day before it  big_smile

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At first I was thinking the Xmas-New Year stretch since I get 3 weeks off.  But then I realized I have to spend money on people.

I will go with Thanksgiving since that is when I will go on my honeymoon.


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Can I say my B-Day?  I get to ask for... um... things.... on my B-Day.

If that is out, I'll take Christmas.  We spend time with the family and watch a variety of movies including Christmas Vacation, Christmas Carol, etc...

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Turkey Day.

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My birthday, Veterans Day. I always got it off from school and now they pay me to stay home. (holiday pay) Other than that, Christmas.  I have my family with me, and that is all I ever want for Christmas.

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Not a big fan of holidays...I look forward to Christmas when I have kids.

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